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Holy smokes! It’s March!

As each day passes we collectively desire to make more and more posts. Then life happens. Then we find that weeks go by and turn to months and now it’s 5 months from our last post. We’re approaching the birthdays season (Jen, Zoë, Sam, and Rob) beginning this Thursday and ending in the beginning of June.

Lots of things have happened.

We were able to buy Sam the iPad Mini.
Sam broke his arm.
Rob is suffering from the effects of vertigo (and we suspect he has Meniere’s Disease).
We traveled to California unexpectedly recently.
We’re excited for spring and eventually summer’s arrival!

We just keep moving forward.

We’ll have more updates this week as we’ve recently unearthed some old videos and it should be very interesting to look back and be amazed by how things have progressed.

We’re all wishing you a happy spring!

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