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Rob interviews Jen

This week we thought we’d interview each other. In this post I ask Jen 10 questions that I thought of this morning. We’ll follow-up with another post with Jen interviewing me. Then, we will feature a series of video interviews by Zoë. She will be asking Jen, Sam and I questions & we’ll answer them.

Here’s the interview:

Question 1

  • Q: You’re going to be 40 very soon. Looking back on your 4 decades on this planet, what would you say are the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?
  • A: Oh gosh, that’s a BIG question!  I could list so many, but in the interest of keeping people’s interest I’ll keep it to a few:
  1. love big! be certain to tell people you love how you feel about them.
  2. be true to who you are. following your instinct, your passion, and your heart will take you far.
  3. what the world needs more than anything is more compassion, and the best way to make a difference is to practice compassion in your own life every day and model it for your children.
  4. showing someone you’re excited to see them when they walk in the room can change a life.
  5. trying new things, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, looking at things from different perspectives are all elements of a full and adventurous life. Take chances because you will either be delightfully surprised OR you will learn what doesn’t work for you.

Question 2

  • Q: What is the one thing you want to accomplish this year?
  • A: I want to have a fun summer.  I don’t know exactly what that might look like, but I know it will need to look a lot different than the last 2 summers ;o) 

Question 3

  • Q: How has Autism affected your life?
  • A: Geez, these are ALL big questions! Autism has opened my eyes/heart/mind in ways that I never thought possible. It has made my ability to creatively problem solve flourish. It has tested my patience to the very edge and back again. It has made me very present minded, and forced me time and time again to throw all expectations out the window and be open to embracing things as they come. Autism has sparked a fierce desire in me to be an advocate. I am thankful every day for my Autistic child, and for the many ways autism has expanded my world!

Question 4

  • Q: What do you see your daughter doing in 10 years? Your son? (what do you think their lifestyle will be like? Their hobbies? Their circle of friends?).
  • A: I honestly don’t spend a lot of time considering this.  Sure, I wonder sometimes, but I truly try not to impose any expectations of what the future will bring onto the life we are living now.  I try every day to support both of their individuality, and I have no doubt that who they are at their core (she fiercely loving & self-expressive & clever; he tender-hearted & curious & crafty) will shine! And I hope that we teach them well to embrace the people who see & admire them for who they are and lift them higher to invite into their hearts.

Question 5

  • Q: How has living with Autism affected your profession?
  • A: My profession is deeply personal for me. I bring who I am completely authentically to my work. Autism has touched me in every way and grabbed me at my core, so it becomes a huge part of my work. More specifically, Autism has given me the ability to embrace moments for what they intrinsically ARE, not what anyone thinks they *should* be, resulting in me seeing beauty everywhere & everything. Even in the most mundane or unlikely moments. It has also given me patience and empathy for people and situations that I never imagined I could have… I am so thankful for that!

Question 6

  • Q: What inspires you right now (either for work, or in general)?
  • A: Visually I am always inspired by whimsical, modern design and fun color combinations. Right now in my photography work I am inspired by blur.  I guess you could say I’m inspired by those same things in my life in general! I am lit up by play, honesty, exploration & blurring the lines of expectation and assumption. I am also moved deeply by true expression of emotions, whatever they may be, both personally and professionally.

Question 7

  • Q: If you were to take your husband on a date, where would you go?
  • A: Such a mood-dependent question. My fantasy date would be a week or two long. It would involve lots of lounging, lots of exploring in nature, lots of great food and drink, some photography, music, perfect temperatures, swimming, some quiet, and plenty of hand-holding and kissing. I don’t even know where, somewhere beautiful and tropical seems pretty ideal! My realistic fantasy date would be a replay of many of our past dates! Great food, laughter, flirting, photobooths… I always have fun with you!

Question 8

  • Q: What is your biggest challenge that you face this year?
  • A: I chose a word instead of a resolution for New Years this year. The word is CULTIVATE. I have given myself the challenge of cultivating so many of the visions I have for clarity & simplification in my business, my home, & my family. All of this in the name of creating the space and freedom to have more fun and presence in my personal life and with my family.

Question 9

  • Q: What are you craving right now? (it can be anything; food, tactile, audible, visual)
  • A: I am craving a road trip to somewhere warmer. I think everyone needs a reset occasionally, and February in Portland finds me craving just that every year. A break from the usual routines. A break from the rain. A freshening of perspective. I need that right about now. How about you?

Question 10

  • Q: If you could have any ‘super power’ what would you choose to have and WHY?
  • A: I would like to  have the power to communicate with the dead. I would love to be able to talk to my Mom and my Grandparents.


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February 24, 2012 - 4:38 pm

Michele - I adore you. I learn so many things from you and yours. I appreciate you in my cyber life. I would however like to meet up some day. ❤

May 28, 2012 - 9:57 am

lisa - i love these interviews! so happy to get you know more about you.

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