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sweet, savory, & scrumptious summer (so far)

I’m almost afraid to report that summer has been so delightful so far as if it’s going to jinx us or something?

Let me start by making the following observation:  I attribute the core of our success being therapy. This experience has helped Jen and I to strengthen our already rock solid bond and to keep us afloat. We are really very lucky to have found an amazing family therapist that completely ‘fits’ for us.

Warm, dry, sunny summer weather hasn’t quite arrived here in the Pacific NW. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the ‘typical’ arrival of summer comes around July 5th. We’re still in June(uary) for goodness sakes!

Over the past few weeks we’ve gone on some adventures of extremely sweet & tasty proportions. It would seem that we’ve found a trusty friend in Columbia Farms on Sauvie Island.

They’re only about 20 minutes West of our neighborhood on the magical Sauvie Island. The promise of a bumper crop of strawberries called to us and so we embarked on that journey.

Sam was ready! He grabbed a wagon and a couple of flats and we were off to the strawberry fields (forever?). Just look at that determination on his face!

Zoe was an excellent picker! We spent about 40 minutes there and between the 4 of us we landed quite the bounty! We took the strawberries home, washed them, removed the stems, and ate 1/3 of them. The rest were frozen on trays, then I put them into labeled vacuum seal bags, sucked all the air out, and found a home for them in the freezer.We returned yesterday to find that the strawberries have all been harvested. We delighted in the blueberry crop being bountiful and ready for harvesting already!

Berry picking is an interesting adventure with the kids. Sam does fairly well when we embark on these types of adventures. The strawberries posed several challenges. Sam was scared of the busy road we had to cross to get to the fields (even though there wasn’t much traffic on this farm road). Once in the field, we were challenged by his spatial awareness; explaining that it wasn’t good to step on the row of berries, that picking everything wasn’t a good idea, and that removing 10 of the wire flags that marked each row’s type was a bad idea. We replaced the flags together and eventually redirected Sam to the wagon.

For the blueberry picking adventure Sam was more focused. We went with our dear friend Amy and her boys. Sam may have eaten a pound of blueberries off the bushes…

 We’re really optimistic about the other adventures we have planned for the summer! These adventures certainly were TASTY!


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June 29, 2012 - 8:58 pm

kati - awesome! love me some sauvie berries.

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