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The Oregon Coast

Jen and I find happiness in so many things. We strive to make the best of everything. This gets to be challenging for us though because we seem to have so many ‘surprises’ so often.

We find ourselves longing for an escape. If we had more resources we would get away with our family on a regular basis (traveling, camping, etc.). The reality however, is that we cannot.

When we see an opportunity we certainly do the best to take it!

We have been planning a short vacation to the Oregon Coast for a while. We were waiting for all the stars to align and then we would make it happen!

Recently Zoë told us that she wanted to do an extra credit report on tide pools. This was too easy, it was like the perfect opportunity to thrill her. Jen and I responded with “Let’s go to the coast and find some tide pools and better yet, lets go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium!”

Zoë has been fascinated by science for some time now and I’m more than thrilled to foster that inquisitive part of her. She was thrilled beyond belief and helped us with the planning for our little vacation.

To say that it’s not easy for us to get away is an understatement. The planning and preparation is daunting, our resources are limited, and we’ve got to fit the time in to carefully plot out our trip – all of which takes time and we simply don’t have a lot of ‘free time’.

Thankfully, the easy part comes when trying to get Sam on board for a trip to the beach. Simply saying “Lets go to the beach” is a surefire way to get Sam’s attention. In fact, we must be careful when and how we use the word “Beach” or else we’ll hear about his love for the beach for quite some time after mentioning it (anywhere between 3 hours and 3 days…)

The weather has been erratic here lately. We really had our fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate when a few days before our departure we learned that we would be in the midst of the finest weather we’ve had all year! Clear blue skies and 70 – 75°F!

In previous attempts to get away we have been plagued by so many things: Illness, stress, grumpiness, exhaustion, frustration…

This time around, we knew we would be faced with challenges but we were going to conquer them!


Here’s a great example of the surprises that challenge us so often:

  • We had to rent a car to get to the coast (our Golf needs new brakes & an 80k mile service)
  • We found a great deal on a rental car but when Zoë & I picked it up we got less than 5 miles away from the rental car place to find smoke coming out from under the hood. There was no visible fire, but the fumes smelled of electrical wires (toxic). We returned immediately and wound up with a free luxury car upgrade (yay!).
  • I worked the evening before and we hoped to depart by 1pm. We couldn’t get everything together and didn’t depart until 4:30pm!

These things are NOT the end of the world! We just met the challenges and rolled right along with occasional shoulder shrugs, sighs, laughs, and smiles.

We were treated to an absolutely gorgeous drive to the coast! The spring time is so lush and green here that the colors were bursting all around us. The blue sky and warmth in the air made us all have a goofy smile on our faces.
We arrived at the beach house and settled in for a mellow evening of eating together, being in pajamas, and getting plenty of sleep before our first big day of fun!

We took in so many sites and experiences on this trip. Seaside, Gearhart, Pacific City, Lincoln City, and Newport… We had a glorious trip.

We made a video of the tide pool experience we had and are sharing it with you… Enjoy!

Oregon Coast Trip 2012 from Rob Downer on Vimeo.



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